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Raise your hand if you're the type that HAS to have that cup of coffee in the morning. I'm the type where you don't speak to me, and I don't speak to you until I have had my coffee. 

I also was the type that would drown my coffee in french vanilla creamer (sometimes whip cream on top..shhh) to really hit the comfort spot and make my taste buds happy. However, my waist line wasn't too happy.

Then, like magic.. Leaner Creamer showed up.  No, this is not some fad that I'm about to tell you about that will make you lose 10 lbs and 5 days (because that doesn't exist), but it's an awesome natural creamer that helps "clean up the way people drink coffee" as they say. 

Leaner Creamer is coconut oil based (so typically I know I'm going to love it) infused with all-natural blend of Citrus Aurantium Extract, Hoodia & Green Tea Extract. with a hint of vanilla (my favorite) to add the sweetness and taste.  Now, the crazy part here, minus the fact that is only is 10 calories per serving and is delicious, is actually Leaner Creamer suppresses appetite to aid with your overall health and weight loss if desired.

So with your healthy, balanced breakfast, a cup of coffee sweetened with Leaner Creamer will help hold you over until snack time or your lunch.  I will attest to this statement as well. I work in an office, sitting down in front of a computer all day most of my days. Before, I would drink my sugary coffee while eating my breakfast (which usually is a smoothie) then have a sugar crash from my coffee and feel the urge to snack basically all morning until lunch time or just be bored and snack because I felt hungry. Now, I drink my coffee with Leaner Creamer and feel full, satisfied and energized all morning. 

Dream & Lean Mermaids.


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