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In the past twenty years, a new movement has occurred in the food world. No, it’s not frying delicious desserts and creating greasy masterpieces. But, a much healthier option. While a gluten free diet is a relatively new phenomenon in the food world, it has already proven to be a very popular option for sufferers of celiac disease and people who have an inability to digest gluten. Haven’t heard of celiac disease? Celiac disease is a very serious autoimmune disease that affects an estimated amount of 1% of adults worldwide, while this number is low, it is said to be increasing dramatically. The only medically-accepted treatment of celiac disease is to take on a gluten free diet, as the autoimmune disease attacks the small intestine whenever gluten is present in the body. But, don’t be confused, a large portion of the population participates in a gluten free diet even if they don’t have an allergy or celiac disease. It has become very popular in our culture, a variety of restaurants have either some gluten free dishes or have made their entire menu gluten free. Bloggers also have taken to the internet to showcase their love of a gluten-free lifestyle, with great success. Since our Leaner Creamer product is entirely gluten free, we have recently made an appearance on a renowned gluten-free bloggers blog. Blogger Jackie Gabel more commonly known as “glutenfreefollowme”,, recently did a blog post about the benefits of our creamer on a gluten free lifestyle. The post attracted an entirely new set of consumers, and allowed us to secure a permanent spot on her website. We are excited about this new step, and are eagerly awaiting the effect it could have on the gluten-free community.

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