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Leaner Creamer

June 5, 2015

One of my favorite parts of blogging has to be sharing my most recent discoveries/new life staples with readers. From a trendy LA eatery to a new favorite product, anything that makes me gasp with excitement is sharable in my book.

With that said, this past week I discovered Leaner Creamer! Leaner Creamer is a dairy-free coffee creamer that naturally suppresses appetite and promotes weight loss. After a healthy breakfast I always make time to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea before hitting the road. I was excited to add Leaner Creamer to my daily routine because it is all-natural and healthier than other coffee creamers that are typically loaded with excess sugar, calories, and questionable ingredients. 

Leaner Creamer has only 10 calories per serving (1 teaspoon goes a long way!) and contains coconut oil and green tea extract. The flavor is subtle yet delicious and everything you would expect from an all-natural coffee creamer. Since the creamer comes in powder form, I have even been adding it to my oatmeal and yogurt and it keeps me satisfied throughout the afternoon.

To purchase Leaner Creamer, visit They are family owned and local to Southern California which I love! 

xoxo Tina

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