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Healthy Recipes!!!

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Is it really that simple? (Yes it is!)

Surprisingly Simple Breakfast Centered Recipes & Combinations That You Didn’t Know Could Lead To A Healthy Lifestyle

             When people first hear the word healthy, a wide arrangement of images comes to the mind. Leafy Greens. Continuous exercising. Having to ignore the temptation of that In N Out. Turning your head away from the dessert aisle in supermarkets, in order to resist salivating at the sight. We get it, that would suck. What most people don’t know is that being healthy does not mean having to cut all foods that could be considered junk out of our diets. Surprise! Food can also still taste good. It’s all about balancing the food that you are putting in your body. It is commonly thought throughout society that everything that is healthy is of the greens origin, or tastes so despicable that you have to plug your noses in order to get it down. Well, what if I told you that, that wasn’t necessarily true? Yeah, what a shock right? Let me enlighten you. Here are four breakfast centered healthy recipes, which can be paired delightfully with your leaner creamer infused coffee, that we believe are equally as healthy as they are yummy. Guess what? We also created some innovative ideas that you can use in the morning, to gradually make the change from your coffee creamer to Leaner Creamer. We are asking for each of you, to try one of these recipes at least once this week. Believe me, you will not miss your old, processed coffee creamer after you try these recipes. Yeah, it’s that good. Start off your day right with us, you won’t regret it.

            Leaner Creamer Recipe #1: Looking for a healthier version of your regular iced coffee? Look no further than our leaner creamer infused ice coffee. A relaxing combination of coffee with the smoothness of our leaner creamer mixture leads for a marvelous sip. To make this exquisite drink, first you must obtain a ice molding tray. Spoon a tablespoon of our leaner creamer mixture into each mold, then pour hot water into each mold until it reaches the rim. Then, put the tray into the freezer. Wait till the concoction freezes completely, and then put each leaner creamer infused ice cube into your steaming hot morning coffee. The result? A perfectly balanced mixture that will make anybody excited for breakfast time. You can thank me later, it’s really THAT good.

             Leaner Creamer Recipe #2: Look, I know it’s hard to believe that some people love the mornings. I, myself, despise them. You have to wake up, leave the warmth of your comfy bed, to brace the cold outside weather and a long day ahead. As a non-morning person, I strongly believe that in order for my day to be a good day, I need a tasty coffee recipe that makes me happy to wake up in the mornings. Thankfully, such a recipe exists, and could be made even healthier with the use of our leaner creamer product. While this recipe is on the richer side, it’s a very decadent treat that will ignite your senses and pull you away from your beds in the morning. I know, what a thought right? The Leaner Creamer French Mocha Delux promotes a healthier alternative to your modern day French Mocha, heres how you make it. First, start off with half of a cup of hot cocoa, half a cup of hot coffee, four tablespoons of our leaner creamer product, and a pinch of cinnamon. Then, combine the cocoa, coffee, and the leaner creamer in a cup, stirring occasionally to blend the ingredients harmoniously. The aroma will start to fill up the room, to give this drink a warm, rich essence, sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon on the top. I mean, doesn’t that sound amazing? Coffee. Cocoa. Healthy. Seems like the perfect combination. Yes, take those precious few minutes in your morning with our recipe, savor the warm flavors that are forming pleasantly on your taste buds. Good right? We thought so. Enjoy.

            Recipe#1: A delightful combination of exquisitely smooth peanut butter mixed with a ripened banana, steaming hot, gooey and incredibly delicious. The Peanut Butter Breakfast Pudding found on Chocolate Covered Katie’s website is something else. It’s almost like oat heaven, if their was such a place. Guess what? It’s delicious and healthy! What a concept right? It also almost takes no time to make, which is the cherry on top. Using peanut butter is a healthier alternative compared to a processed sauce, such as caramel or chocolate hazelnut spread. If you’re looking for an even healthier alternative to peanut butter or have a nut allergy, you could substitute the Peanut Butter in this recipe, for Almond Butter or Coconut (yes Coconut) Butter. This recipe is also incredibly simple, and can be done on the go. A perfect healthy substitute combined with a creative twist on your morning oatmeal, take a plunge on the creative side and try it out! The recipe can be found on the following link, Eat along with your leaner creamer infused coffee for a satisfying breakfast, that will leave you feeling utterly satisfied meal wise, in the best way possible. Get ready to complete beautiful oat goodness.

            Recipe#2: I feel that muffins have gotten a bad reputation over the years, they're portrayed in society as the “boring” sidekick to cupcakes. Let me tell you, this recipe is anything but boring. The Oatmeal Blueberry Applesauce Muffins from the Ambitious Kitchen are for all those people who say that muffins are outdated and boring. Believe me, these are anything but outdated and boring. A playful spin on the classic muffin, sweet blueberries and a healthy portion of applesauce are combined with chopped walnuts to create a heavenly bite. Sound boring to you? Didn’t think so. These muffins, while extremely delicious, are not at all unhealthy. They're only 172 Calories! No, I am not joking! One hundred seventy two beautiful calories of whole wheat heavenly goodness at your fingertips, streusel topping could be crumbling lightly in your hands, all you have to do is click the following link… This could be made the night before or in the morning of, as the time that it takes to put together is only twenty five minutes. Slice up any type of your favorite fruit to go with this baked amazingness, have a lovely sit down breakfast or pack it up to go. If you’re sitting down for breakfast, sit down by your window and eat these scrumptiously warm treats with a bit of butter or for a healthier option, jam. Sip your warmed leaner creamer infused coffee in between bites of your muffins, for a added sweetness to this appetizing breakfast.

            Recipe #3: Who said breakfast had to be sweet? Savory is the way to go some days! The Garden Vegetable Omelette from Casey Jade offers a equally healthy and tasty twist to the modern day egg omelette. If you’re looking for a filling option that will satisfy your savory breakfast cravings, look no further. Gooey, warm eggs act as a sponge for the juices of the array of yummy, colorful vegetables that rest upon it. Enjoy the way that the textures flow together, savor every bite of this beautiful masterpiece. This is the perfect recipe to make during the summer months, as that is when the vegetables are most ripe and in season. Try it, believe me, it’s as delicious as it looks… Who doesn’t love the combination of savory and sweet? Combine your leaner creamer with a batch of fresh coffee to have the desired balance of the two flavors. Mmmmm…I can already taste the amazingness.

            Recipe #4: Seriously. Your morning routine will be changed forever after you try this recipe, it’s that good. There are smoothies, and then there’s THIS smoothie. The Very Berry Breakfast Smoothie from the Prevention, ignites each of your tastebuds in the best way possible. A combination of a variety of different berries are combined to create a flux of different flavor profiles, a kick of ginger surprised your taste buds, and the smoothness of the liquid flows happily through your mouth as you sip it. Yeah, I know. The perfect summer smoothie has been found.

                       As you can see, being healthy isn’t all leafy greens and a life consisting of seemingly endless exercising. Try these recipes out, experience how heavenly the combinations are with the leaner creamer infused coffee. Believe me, it’s as good as you imagine it being.

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