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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

By Jackeline Soto

Time is ticking, and Father’s day is just around the corner.

Have you gotten your father a present for Father’s day? If not, get them Leaner Creamer! Let them know that you care for their health. And although they’re too stubborn to change their ways for the better, let them know that they won’t lose the sweet taste in their coffee that they love so much.

Now don’t disregard the power of a father, they hold an important role in their child’s life.

They make you tough. When you scratch your elbow or knee as they child they say “rub some dirt on it” or “walk it off” which helps you run off to the next adventure.

They make you laugh. I don’t know where dads get these jokes or if they visit a shop every day to have a joke in hand but they got ‘em. And the jokes are cheesy, and usually given when they are not wanted but they definitely keep you happy.

They give you tough love. They may not actually tell you “I love you” but you know they do. And they hold you to what seems like an impossible standard but that’s just because they see your potential. Every day they prepare you for the real world, for the day you take over the world.

And they may try to show you up. For example, my dad saw my Leaner Creamer shirt in the living room. So guess what he did? He tried it on for size, and he liked it. Next thing you know I’m receiving this picture from my sister.

Yup. That’s my pops. And he’s so proud, that he can pull off this shirt. According to him, it gives him a chance to show off the “big guns”.

(Laughing Out Loud)

I don’t think I’m getting that shirt back but that’s okay. I think he loves it too much for me to ask for it back.

Moral of the story: you gotta love dads because well they’re dads. They bring a lot of joy to your life that when they pull off jokes (as the one seen above) it’s the funniest thing in the world.

So show them you love them by switching out their fatty and very sugary coffee creamers for Leaner Creamer! And let them know that you love them too!

Remember to comment below, tweet @leanercreamer or tag @leanercreamer on Instagram to show us how to show your love to your dad!


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