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OITNB Viewing Party

OITNB Viewing Party

By Jackeline Soto

We’re a few days away from Orange Is The New Black season 4 on Netflix. SO DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???


So you’re like how does this work?

Well since this is an all-day binge watching event you have to have the bare necessities.

One make sure to assign someone to make the prison wine: PRUNO. (There are a lot of different adaptations of this recipe, so you can choose one that will fit your needs). But just in case Pruno isn’t for you make sure to bring some real wine for later! (If you’re 21 and over).

That^ my friends is Pruno, a mixture of things that no one would imagine as wine.

Good luck drinking that inmates.

Assign someone to bring chips.

Assign someone to bring guacamole and the tortilla chips.

Make sure to have some take out numbers ‘cause I’m 100% sure you won’t be getting off the couch unless it’s an emergency bathroom break.

 & maybe some candy? ‘Cause who doesn’t enjoy eating candy.

As soon as your guests arrive at 10ish in the morning make sure to take their mug shots (before shot) and treat them like real hooligans. You know give someone the role of Red and have them boss everyone around in the kitchen while making chocolate chip pancakes or something that everyone will enjoy! Make sure to enjoy coffee with Leaner Creamer with your breakfast though. Then while you’re watching OITNB a few episodes in attempt to drink your homemade pruno! If not enjoy your wine or choice of beverage with your favorite chips or with your favorite snacks.

I personally think that wine + pizza + Netflix is possibly the best thing that combination. Oh and make sure to have loads of water, something about staying still for a very long time brings dehydration.

And once you’ve completed the entire day of binge watching season 4, take mug shots once again and kick out the hooligans. After a very long day of binge watching you deserve a bath and a full day of sleep!

Remember to show us your mug shots by commenting below, tweeting @leanercreamer or tagging @leanercreamer on Instagram! I can’t wait to see them!

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