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Burn60 Studios and @leanercreamer

Burn 60 Studios

By Jackeline Soto

On Saturday June 4, Leaner Creamer demoed at the Burn 60 Studios. And let me tell you I am going to sign up for a class soon. There was so much positivity and love toward a healthier you that was displayed that I’m drawn to. (I’ve taken a few other fitness classes but nothing compares to this!) And with this high intensity interval training workout you’re guaranteed results.

So I arrived early in the morning, and there was already a class in session. As my friend Sarah and I stayed outside the class to demo all you hear is a great workout play list (seriously, the playlist was really really good) and the encouragements from the certified trainer. Class sizes are small so it’s perfect because you’re practically getting a trainer in a group setting without having to pay the price for an individual training session.

So you may be thinking well it sounds like everyone there has a high advanced fitness level. Wrong, these fast paced classes are for all fitness levels! Of course, the class is no joke, it’s tough, you will come out of the class sweating and smiling because you achieved what you needed to achieve.

You “BURN AT YOUR OWN PACE” whether that means jogging, running, or walking it’s up to what you can do, which is AMAZING. (Honestly). Because there is nothing worse than a trainer who thinks you can run for a solid minute without taking your fitness level into consideration and then becoming frustrated with you when you don’t have the strength to complete the workout. And to have a trainer care for your health at your fitness level is a magical thing, and so far I’ve only seen this at the Burn 60 Studios and a few other fitness classes.

Burn 60 Studios emphasize “TRAIN HARD, TRAIN HAPPY, and TRAIN BURN 60”. So go ahead sign up for a class, test your limits, with a workout that will target all your muscles in 60 minutes!

You can check out Burn 60 Studios for yourself!

Leaner Creamer will be offering free coffee this coming Saturday at Burn60 West Hollywood! Check us out there!


Location: Brentwood: 159 S Barrington Place, Los Angeles, CA 90049

West Hollywood: 8969 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone: 310-476-5656

Make sure to comment below, tweet @leanercreamer or tag @leanercreamer when you work out this week! & if you decide you want to go for a Burn 60 Studios workout let me know, maybe we can go together!





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