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Donut Stress It’s Friday

Donut Stress It’s Friday

By Jackeline Soto

Congrats, you made it through the entire week! Honestly, I am proud of you, it has definitely been a long week. And what makes this week even better is that today is Friday, and it’s NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY! Like we really need a day to tell us it’s donut day, ‘cause seriously every day is donut day (am I right? Or am I right?) It’s the perfect day, ‘cause what goes better with Coffee and Leaner Creamer than a donut does?! IDK, you tell me.

Now you may be asking is this Doughnut Day an actual holiday? Yep, it’s totally real! It began 1938 when women volunteering for the Salvation Army made donuts for their soldiers that were serving overseas as a way to raise their spirits. This became very well known that the slogan “doughnuts will win the war!” became a thing.

Doughnuts: The Modern Day Hero

For a college student, Donuts are heroes. Here’s why:

Let me tell you, there’s this donut place near my university that stays open 24 HRS 7 DAYS A WEEK. And it’s great. It’s great because during finals week, at around 2 or 3 in the morning all my roommates unconsciously come out of their caves and look like we’ve been wandering th earth for quite some time and have figured life out at all even though reality is we’re sleep deprived and have been studying for finals. So we all look at each other, complain about studying, and professors, and at the end of the conversation it ends with us getting into one of our cars driving to the Freshh Donuts (no, it’s not a typo, that’s the name of the place.) EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. WITH NO REGRETS.

Freshh Donuts is a typical mom pop shop where donuts aren’t the greatest, but it’s absolutely the greatest for college students on a budget and who have only have had two – six hours of sleep the past two days. And the owners of the shop are so nice, they enjoy making donuts, so it’s sweet sight for sore eyes.

And have you had a donut at 2 am it’s absolutely delicious. Something about eating anything sugary at night past your bed time is the greatest thing ever.

Now go have a donut. Celebrate making it through the week, and celebrate today!

Happy Donut Day!

So show me your aesthetically pleasing, mouthwatering donut by commenting below, tweeting @leanercreamer or using #donutgamestrong on Instagram!  


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