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Easter Morning Hike Angelinos!

Haven’t made any plans for Easter? Besides kick starting your day off right with coffee and Leaner Creamer: a gluten free, lactose free, and sugar free all-natural coffee creamer. Well don’t you fear Leaner Creamer is here to let you know that Sunday is a wonderful day to spend with your family and/or friends. Don’t stay cooped up inside the house, go outside and enjoy mother-nature. Leaner Creamer presents Top 3 Family Friendly hikes in our own backyard: Los Angeles.

  1. Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

6300 Hetzler Rd, Culver City, CA, 90232

  1. Or better known as the Culver City Stairs. Taking two or three cars to fit everyone but worried about the parking situation don’t worry there is a ton of free parking on the side of the street, and metered parking but that won’t be an issue since it’s Sunday and its free parking! The staircase is steep but if you’re in fair shape they are doable since you choose the pace! The little ones may face difficulty going up the steps but with a little help of their parents they’re completely capable. And if you decide the steps aren’t for you don’t worry, take the dirt trail up, it’s challenging but easier on the knees. If the dirt trail is too much again don’t worry take the road, it has a steady incline with many beautiful views. One way or another you or the entire family will feel a great sense of achievement. And what better way to remember Easter 2016 than a family picture at the top with Los Angeles in the background!
  1. Hollywood Sign

There’s no exact address or exact start since this is a landmark. Before you head out search the Hollywood Sign on your GPS.

  1. Now you can’t exactly walk straight up to the Hollywood sign but you can get pretty close. The Hollywood sign is a historical landmark that’s a part of Griffith Park. There are multiple dirt trails with different intensities that lead to the Hollywood Sign. On average it takes about an hour and a half to two hours but you’ll see a lot of wonderful views, horses, dogs, and families on your way up. Warning: there is a steady incline but after it being on an incline for a long time it’s very tiresome. And for a double whammy the Hollywood sign is close to the Griffith Observatory, you and your family can learn about the solar system for free! (Bonus: you can actually see the Hollywood Sign from the observatory). Make this Easter a fun fit educational Sunday! (Added bonus: on Vermont they have free parking designated for hikers!)
  1. Temescal Canyon Gateway Park

15601 W Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

  1. This one is different than the other two because the view is the ocean and LA as opposed to only LA’s skyline. The trail is a loop so you won’t have to repeat views on your way down. Your view of the ocean is completely worth the 4-4.5 mile hike. This hike is a bit challenging but if your entire family choose on a pace that fits everyone it’s easily doable. This trail is in the west side, it’s beautiful and it’s guaranteed to help create fun loving memories.


Bring lots of water, actually bring extra water!

Wear hats, and layers of clothing depending on the time you decide to hike. It can get really cold, or it can get really hot.

Enjoy Easter with your family, share lots of laughs, and feel the love! 

Happy Easter!

 From your friends at Leaner Creamer!

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