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This App is a Game-Changer!

I have been trying this new app call “8fit” - it's worked and has kept me motivated to be fitter. What I like about this app is that it is very, very easy to follow. It tells you what exercise to follow step by step, and how to eat. It gives you healthy tips everyday before you wake up and it counts down your calories by keeping track of your daily movement.

8fit has what are called “Hit Workouts” which are packed with movements that will make you sweat your A*** off! By doing this, your body keeps burning calories even after you are done with your workout.

What is inside this app:

- Fat burning workouts
- Weight loss, muscle gain and recomposition nutrition plans
- Body science articles
- Custom nutrition plans that are easy to start and maintain
- Strategies to stay motivated, set and keep habits
- Lifestyle design to maintain your fitness without lots of extra efforts
- Immediate, specific actions and recommendations
- Tips to boost your energy naturally. Lose dependency on Sugar!
- Performance tracking
- Workouts designed to fit your fitness level and time


- Protein to tone muscles and keep you happy
- Choose healthy carbs and combine them with proteins and good fats
- Be aware of overall food intake
- Increase your resting metabolic rate with short and intense exercise sessions


I have been following this app and I feel leaner and with more energy. If you are looking for a friendly app that can guide you to a leaner body then download this app! I use the free version but you can always upgrade and get more coach advice extra tips when you purchase a package.

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