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Benefits of Alcohol

By Jackeline Soto 

So last week we touched base on the healthier kinds of alcohol but not necessarily the actual benefits of alcohol.

So here it goes 5 benefits from drinking alcohol and remember this does not mean you can go binge drinking and assume that you’re actually doing any good to your body but rather the opposite. If you’re binge drinking every weekend take these benefits like a grain of salt and if you’re not binge drinking but doing some very casual drinking you may be helping your body!

  1. It can lower your risk of a heart attack!

Yup, it’s true, casually drinking can raise your good cholesterol while reducing your bad cholesterol (the one that clogs up your arteries). When you drink alcohol it can act like an anticoagulant but only if you’re not binge drinking. Alcohol will make your blood thinner so you actually reduce the risk of blood clots, (pretty cool huh).

  1. Can (sort-of) increase your immune system.

Since alcohol like wine can come with lots of antioxidants (if you drink a glass not the entire bottle) it can actually help you better fight off a common cold. So during flu season make sure to drink up! And if you’ve had a long day although I shouldn’t encourage it but go ahead and drink the entire bottle of wine and binge watch Netflix, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do!

  1. Can help weight loss.

Now this one is tricky because a glass or two can help your weight loss but anything more can actually help you gain weight. If you abide by the rules drinking can actually help your metabolism which ultimately help you lose weight and keep off the pounds!

  1. Can boost your memory!

Okay again this can be tricky, if you consume too much alcohol it can actually create an unsafe space and lead to black outs (WHICH I DO NOT ENCOURAGE AND PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY). But if you drink in moderate amounts you can completely help your memory because it helps your cognitive function.

  1. You live longer

Yup, research shows that having wine everyday (NOT THE BOTTLE but a glass everyday) increases your chances of living longer. So go ahead and enjoy that glass of wine! It’s probably because it increases your immune system so you’re better able to fight off stupidity and diseases!

So there you have it family, ENJOY THAT GLASS OR TWO GLASSES OF ALCOHOL!

So next time your debating if you should have a glass of alcohol just bring up one of these health benefits!


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