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Leaner Creamer and Farmers Markets

            The food start up world is starting to stir, small businesses are getting the recognition they deserve, tasty products are being well received by the public. Simply put, food start ups are booming. One might ask, what is causing this sudden boom of food start ups? They’re many causes for this sudden increase , but the most important of them all, are definitely the presence of Farmers Markets. In this world, the food market is booming, simply because food is one of the most important basic needs. Consumers are always looking for a new innovative product that addresses their needs, but with some added benefits. This is the premise of the farmers markets, delivering products that are not only done healthier, but taste better. Let me tell you, after spending a day at a farmers market, this is most certainly true. As some of you may have noticed from our social media accounts, Leaner Creamer recently made it’s farmers market debut at the Grand Farmers Market downtown.

            Amongst a surplus of colorful products, with the scents of heavenly aromas in the air, consumers surveyed our product with a quizzical eye. “What is this product?” “Is it all natural?” “Is it dairy free?” Quizzical eyes turned into looks of pure delight, after sipping on samples of Leaner Creamer infused light blonde roast, their attention entirely directed towards us and our product. Satisfaction was etched onto their faces, bottles of our products were bought, and new customers were added. Connections were made, and a new spectrum of business was introduced to our consumers.

            We must admit, we were a bit skeptical about introducing our product to the farmers markets, as we harbored a rather large fear about how the groups would perceive our product. We were pleasantly surprised by the large positive response that our product received, and believe that the positive response was based on the premise of the Farmers Market. Since our product is all natural, with the added benefits of weight loss and appetite suppression, we believe our product perfectly encompasses the premise of farmers markets. As it is a grocery store staple, done healthier with the added benefits. Many of our neighboring vendors at the farmers market were also impressed with our product, as we were with their’s as well. From bread, juices, nuts, produce, each vendors product was a refreshing but tasty take on grocery staples. All were receiving the attention they rightfully deserve for their delicious and innovative products. This confirms our belief that food based start ups, like our brand, have a sudden increase in popularity and consumer demand due to having a presence in Farmers Markets. We are looking forward to having an increased presence in local farmers markets, and promote the belief that consumers who are looking for a healthy lifestyle should support small start ups by shopping at your farmers markets. So what are you waiting for? If you’re from the LA area, look out at your local farmers market for our innovative take on coffee creamers! Support your local small businesses by shopping at your farmers market, broaden your horizons in terms of food, and make the necessary changes allowing for your healthy lifestyle to occur. Lose weight and suppress your appetite, change your lifestyle!

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