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3 Great Smoothie Recipes

By Jackeline Soto

Hey guys, so right now I’m currently in Guatemala and guess what? I’ve been here for about two days but I’ve had like five smoothies in those two days! They’re smoothies are ridiculously cheap, what normally costs us six dollars at a smoothie store you get in the United States costs me half the price with double the amount here! So I’m currently inspired by the luscious green surrounding me and the constant smoothies for a blog filled with smoothie recipes, ENJOY!


1 Cup of Peaches

1 Cup of Mangoes

½ Banana

1 Cup Yogurt

1 Cup Ice

A Splash of Honey

2 Teaspoons of Leaner Creamer

Directions add all ingredients to a blender, and blend!

Green Smoothie

1 Tablespoon Ground Flax Seeds

2 Tablespoons Ground Pumpkin Seeds

1 Ripe Mango

1 Frozen Banana

½ Cup Water

3 Ice Cubes

2 Leaves Kale

2 Teaspoons of Leaner Creamer

Directions: Place all ingredients into blender, blend.

Raspberry Twist

¾ Cups of Almond Milk

¾ Cups Frozen Raspberries

½ Banana

1 Tablespoon of Natural Almond Butter (Peanut butter will be a great substitute too)

1 Tablespoon honey

2 Teaspoons of Leaner Creamer

Directions: Place all ingredients into a blender, blend!

There you have it folks, three delicious smoothie recipes that are guaranteed to keep you cool in this heat!

Let me know what’s your favorite kind of smoothie? or what kind of smoothie recipes you’d like me to try!


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