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Who says healthy has to be boring?

Now, let me first state that everyone has had a bad day in their lifetime. You wake up in the morning, beg for your precious extra few extra minutes in your comfy bed, and go to the kitchen to make a MUCH needed coffee. Your coffee is done. It’s warm, velvety aroma fills your entire house. Seemingly in a trance, you reach for your coffee creamer. STOP! The next few lines of this article, will change the entirety of your diet forever. Before you reach for THAT coffee creamer, let me tell you a few slightly frightening facts about your brand name coffee creamer.

             Your modern day brand name coffee creamers are composed almost entirely of three key ingredients, water, sugar, and something that most of you have probably never heard of, hydrogenated soybeans. Don’t get confused at the fancy wording of such a substance, coffee branders are essentially trying to make their consumers unaware that they are consuming trans fats. Yes, trans fat. For those of you who do not know what trans fats are, let me enlighten you a tad. Essentially, trans fats are substances that severely raise your cholesterol, and are also considered by several studies as being metabolic poison. Is that something that sounds healthy for your body? Let me tell you right now, it is one of the least healthy products that can be consumed. Raising of cholesterol could directly lead to a massive heart attack, which leads to either death or a immense distortion in your body. Does that sound healthy to you? If you're willing to lead such a life, please leave this blog post right now. To the rest of you that are willing to make a difference in your life, I must first congratulate you on being willing to make such a change. But let me tell you, it’s a change worth making. This change does not require you to omit coffee creamer from your life, I understand how this product is just THAT essential to your morning coffee. I’m here to propose an alternative, a much better alternative for you. We care about your reviews, and what we think will be BETTER for your life. I want to introduce you to Leaner Creamer, an all natural alternative to your coffee creamer that promotes weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

            Unlike regular coffee creamers, Leaner Creamer is a brand that guarantees weight loss by incorporating different short and medium chain fatty acids, that assist the body in taking off weight. While also unlike brand coffee creamers, Leaner Creamer increase the metabolic rate of the body, by removing stress from the pancreas, this allows for the burning of more energy. A lot of weird medical jargon, I know. In a simplified way, it allows you to lose weight at a amplified pace. You’ll be able to fit into that one dress that you promised you’d lose weight for to fit into, no longer will you have to stare at it being unworn in your closet. That satisfying feeling you get when you’re able to roll the zipper up to the dress weeks from now could be obtained from making this decision right now. It’s so easy to obtain this product, to make this change in your life. But if I have not convinced you, hopefully this not being the case, we are offering a deal where you can receive a duo package of the Leaner Creamer product for the cost of $28.90. Usually, this particular two bottled package is 38.90, we care about our costumers and are showing a more cost efficient option. So what are you waiting for? You could make the change today to this delicious drink, stop ignoring the facts that are standing right in front of you. You could lead a healthy lifestyle with just one click of a button, and I will be here with you throughout this journey. Make the plunge, make the change. A healthier life with the use of leaner creamer, make a difference in your life today.

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