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Leaner Creamer and Weight Watchers!!

Good news family, if you’re in the Weight Watchers program and weren’t able to calculate how many points Leaner Creamer is don’t worry.

2 Servings of Leaner Creamer is ONE POINT PLUS.

Have you heard of any better news? Absolutely not!

With leaner creamer being one point, your food combinations are endless with Leaner Creamer’s versatility. You can add Leaner Creamer to your tea, coffee, smoothies, cookies, cakes, and even butternut squash soup!

Now for those who don’t understand what the fuss is about with Weight Watchers. Again don’t worry I got you covered. Weight Watchers is a program that lets you take control of your diet and exercise with experts on the sidelines to guide you back on track to your goals if you get a little side tracked. The best part of this program is nothing is off limits. You want that gooey chocolate cake, you can have a piece of that gooey chocolate cake. Now if you were to substitute your fatty coffee creamer with leaner creamer or your milk with leaner creamer liquid then you’ve taken control of what you put into your body and made a healthier choice.

Little steps like this completely revolutionize the way we think about losing weight and eating healthy!

Kudos to you!

Pick up your new bottle online or in the nearest HomeGoods Store to you!

Remember to share the way you revolutionize your healthy lifestyle with Leaner Creamer on Instagram by tagging @leanercreamer and using #leanercreamer!


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