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Stressed Out?

Hey family!

Have you figured out your Thanksgiving plans yet? ‘Cause I haven’t and it’s stressing me out a bit. I have school work due that week and I don’t know if I’m having a thanksgiving with family or friendsgiving with friends but either way again it feels like everything is piling up and I need to do something to deal with the stress.

So lately I’ve been doing a few yoga poses that have been helping me with breathing and overall just feeling more at ease. The cool thing about this sequence is that you can do this in your room, or at work and it just takes about ten minutes. Hold each move for at least a minute, focus on your breathing, and relax, if you’d like to hold it for longer GO FOR IT.

Mountain Pose:

Stand tall with your feet together. Make sure to feel the ground and distribute your weight evenly through your feet. Let your arms hang at your sides, with your palms open and facing forward. Take deep breaths, make sure to inhale deeply hold for two seconds and exhale. Feel the release of your breath.

Puppy Dog on Chair Pose

Using a sturdy chair, stand behind it. Place your palms flat on the chair about shoulder width apart, keep your feet hip distance apart, and step back. As you’re stepping back, lower your torso until your back is flat, your arms should be extended and parallel to the floor. Deepen your position by pressing your hips back to give you a better stretch. Take a few deep breaths, make sure to inhale deeply hold for two seconds and exhale. Feel the release and engage your core.

Child’s Pose

I absolutely love this pose, it’s my favorite! Even if I don’t have ten minutes I’ll usually do this pose when I’m feeling completely overwhelmed and just need something to get my mind back where it needs to be. Begin on your hands and knee. Spread your knees about hip distance apart, sit up straight and lengthen your spine. Now inhale and exhale deeply when bending forward, allowing your torso to fall between your thighs, and extend your arms. Make sure to face your palms down and repeat.

Corpse Pose

Okay okay maybe I lied, this is also one of my favorites! Now to do this one, just lie on the ground with your arms to your side and palms up. Now close your eyes and take in your environment. Open your legs a bit, let them fall into a comfortable position. Take in a deep breath, and exhale. Keep taking deep breaths and let all the stress go away!

Remember you can complete each pose for as long as you’d like! And if you prefer to do one pose rather than the other then go ahead. You do whatever feels right to you and just know that feeling stressed out is normal, if you feel absolutely overwhelmed it’s probably best to take some load off or ask for some help; there’s no shame!!!

Comment below if you have any yoga poses that help you melt the stress off!


Can’t wait to hear from you!


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