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LEANERME: Coffee Cake Recipe!

Hey friends, how are ya?

Since we’re quickly approaching Thanksgiving week I realized many of us will have relatives over staying in your home which means we have to feed them!! (Which isn’t a bad thing, but a lot of have jobs and other things to do so making food isn’t the biggest priority, right?) Well lucky for you I have a wonderful coffee cake recipe that can easily be served as dessert or as part of breakfast, your choice! The cool thing about this recipe is that it’s so easy to make but it looks like you’re the greatest baker in the world and it goes great with coffee!!

What you need:


½ Cup Sliced Almonds

2 Tablespoons Ground Cinnamon

¼ Cup Coconut Sugar

¼ Cup Coconut Oil (Melted)


3 Large Eggs

½ Cup Honey

¼ Cup Coconut Oil

½ Teaspoon Baking Soda

¼ Teaspoon Sea Salt

2 ½ Cups Almond Flour

4 Teaspoons Leaner Creamer

What you need to do:

1. Prepare a 9 inch cake pan with coconut oil.

2. Dust the cake pan with some almond flour.

3. Using a food processor, combine baking soda, salt, almond flour and Leaner Creamer.

4. Pulse in honey, eggs, and coconut oil.

5. Once the mixture is done spread the batter into the already prepared cake pan.

Time to make the topping!

In a bowl combine the coconut oil, coconut sugar, cinnamon, and slice almonds. Mix.

Back to the Cake:

6. Sprinkle the topping over the cake batter!

7. Bake at 350F for about 25-35 minutes, or until golden brown.

8. Allow to cool.

9. ENJOY!!!!

There you have it folks a recipe that you can use to wow your guests and family.

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*Serves 8-12 (depending on how big are the slices-the following nutrition facts are based on a serving size for one if the cake is cut in 8 pieces. The smaller the pieces the smaller the nutrition facts will be)

*Based on a 2000 calories diet.

Calories: 247

Calories from Fat: 166

Sugars: 17.8 grams

Protein: 3.8 grams

Carbohydrates: 20.2. grams – 7 %

Side note: Yes it does look like it has a higher sugar intake but remember this recipe only has 7 ingredients (excluding the toppings) compared to the coffee cakes being sold in chain stores that are highly processed! This is a healthier version, and I’m sure there are a lot more versions and if you have one and want to share, go for it! Oh and if you use a different ingredient as a substitute let me know!

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