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Artisanal + Handcrafted Coffee Blends

Leaner Creamer

Artisanal + Handcrafted Coffee Blends

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Leaner Creamer Artisanal Coffee is created by using the best combination of beans and a superb roasting process. Our drip ground coffee beans make the perfect cup of coffee by itself or combined with your favorite Leaner Creamer flavor.

Tiffany’s Breakfast Blend- Light Roast

An exclusive blend of beans that makes a superior cup of coffee. Light complex roast with hints of Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Cedar Warmth 

Blend Origins: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador


Natasha’s Sunrise Blend- Medium Roast

Designed to stand out in any espresso based beverage! Natasha’s Blend is very complex yet with excellent balance, with hints of Decadent Pie Crust, Toasted Vanilla and Cacao Notes

Blend Origins- Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua


Veronica’s Brew- Dark Roast

Our fullest bodied roast! This blend has a lot of great character, and will give you a great experience with every cup.  Divine Dark Roast with Hints of Sinful Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Burnt Brown Sugar

Blend Origins- Colombia, Nicaragua, Brazil

All blends are pre-ground for your convenience and come in 12oz air-sealed, hand-crafted bags to seal in delicious freshness! Your coffee cup has found its new best friend!

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