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About Us

Have you ever looked at the label of your coffee creamer and wondered what on earth have you've been putting in your body all these years?

Have you been forcing your self to drink black coffee to avoid high in fat coffee creamers?

Leaner Creamer is the realization that a healthy alternative to fatty coffee creamers can exist. Leaner Creamer revolutionizes the cherished ritual of coffee drinking by adding the benefits of appetite suppression and weight-loss while you enjoy your java! 

Our team is passionate about creating healthier alternatives for healthy lifestyles. We're always innovating and spreading awareness on good nutrition, work out routines and innovative recipes. We strive to become a tool in all of our customers health and fitness journeys. 

Leaner Creamer LLC is a family owned company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We are innovators in the diet and health industry, dedicated to providing healthy and delicious alternatives to creamers that are high in fat and laden with chemicals. Leaner Creamer LLC maintains an uncompromising commitment to quality and to promoting health.


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