Functional Coffee

Coffee with Supplements, K-Cups:

Our LeanerMe Coffee + Supplements K-Cups are handcrafted from high-quality beans ensuring you a daily cup of in 3 quality roasts: light, medium, and dark, that’ll have you eager for more!! Being infused with healthy, natural supplements means flavorfulness without sacrificing your health or weight-loss goals and making your day fully functional.

LeanerMe Coffee functions as an energy booster with negative calories and zero sugar; working best for your weight-loss goals. LeanerMeCoffe + Supplements infused with Citrus Aurantium Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Green Tea Extract.As for our “Go Green” friends’ out there, our packaging and dairy-free coffee capsules are RECYCLABLE. All you need to do is let the capsule cool, peel off the cover, and throw it into the recycling bin. **Best paired with Leaner Creamer <3

Functional, Sugar Free Coffee now in K-Cups:

Getting you more energized for your day is what a perfect batch of brewed coffee is all about, so don’t settle for a mug filled with black water. Leaner Creamer is here to help with our NEW line of LeanerMe Coffee + Supplement Capsules that will brew you the cup of coffee you deserve! This new line of coffee is handcrafted from high-quality coffee beans and infused with functional supplements offering a boost in energy and an increase in metabolic rate while curbing cravings. Our coffee capsules are al sugar free and dairy free making them an excellent healthy choice for your morning routine. Here, at Leaner Creamer, we stand by our motto: “keep your coffee healthy and lean” to satisfy your every craving while promoting a better you! We offer our Keurig compatible k-cups in 3 quality roasts: light, medium, and dark. All our product packaging is RECYCLABLE, keeping in mind not only your health but our Earth’s as well!