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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I buy Leaner Creamer?

      There are currently two ways to purchase Leaner Creamer: 1) on our online store, here, or 2) on here. We are in a limited number of store at the moment. If you are interested in carrying Leaner Creamer in your store, please contact our wholesale department.

    2. When will I expect to receive my package?

      Packages being delivered in the United States will take about 3-5 business days to arrive.

    3. Do you have International Shipping?

      Yes, we ship worldwide. May take anywhere between 7-21 business days depending on location.

    4. Can I use PayPal?

      Yes, we do offer PayPal! If you go to your cart and hit "Check Out," it will take you to the payment options screen. You can find the PayPal option right under the credit card option.

    5. Do you offer samples?

      We do have sample packs for sale on our online store! You can find those here.

    6. Does Leaner Creamer have any dairy in it?

      We advertise Leaner Creamer as "non-dairy" but not "dairy-free". There is a trace amount of milk derivative in the creamer (i.e. less than .05%), but note that this formula is Lactose-Free. We never claim that this product is dairy-free. The two terms, believe it or not, have two completely different definitions.

      This product is for those who have lactose and dairy intolerances- Not for customers who have actual dairy-allergies. Our goal is simply to steer customers away from the hydrogenated/trans-fat filled creamers that are on the market that millions of people ingest every day and replacing it with a healthier, coconut based alternative instead.

      Our dairy-free formula is due to hit the market in Spring of 2016!!

    7. Dietary Concerns:

       Non-dairy? Yes

      Dairy-free? No, contains a milk derivative

      Gluten free? Yes, but not yet certified

      Kosher? Yes

      Lactose-free? Yes

      Organic/GMO free? No

      Sugar free? Yes

      Vegan-safe? No, contains a milk derivative

      Vegetarian safe? Yes

    8. Is Leaner Creamer safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers?

      Unfortunately we do not recommend our creamer for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Most new mothers add Leaner Creamer to their healthy lifestyle once they are done nursing.

    9. Is it a powder or a liquid? How do I store it?

      A powder - safe to store at room temperature, no need to refrigerate!

    10. What ingredients are in the Leaner Creamer?

      Coconut Oil, Maltrodextrin, Natural Flavors, Sodium Caseinate, Mono & Diglycerides, Detrose, Dipotassium Phophate, Tricalcium, Phosphate, Soy Lecithin, Silicon Dioxide.

    11. What is Subscribe & Save?

      The Leaner Creamer Subscribe & Save program lets you create your subscriptions by selecting the quantity and delivery schedule that best fits your needs. We’ll automatically place your orders and deliver them to your front door so you can receive your subscription without the risk of running out! All subscribers receive a discount plus free shipping on all US orders. 

      Cancel anytime - no commitments, obligations, or fees and shipping is always free. The more you subscribe, the more you save!

    12. How can I manage my Subscribe & Save subscription?

      Manage your subscriptions by logging in.

    13. Will I lose weight?

      Weight loss results may vary from person to person. Leaner Creamer is a tool for a healthy lifestyle that should be combined with proper diet and exercise. 

    14. What flavor is it?

      Original. Hint of Vanilla

    15. What is the shelf life?

      12 months

    16. What are your customer service hours?

      Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 AM- 4:00 PM PST

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